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What is integration, and why is it important?

Integration of your systems is communication without effort. It’s all about data coming together and actions being triggered without the need to be manually involved. A genuinely automated system requires integration with other systems. 

At The Fleet Office, we have been striving for full integration and automation for some time. We now have programs that are fully integrated. The end-user experience is simplified, with no need for imports, exports, or manual adjustment. 

Our integrated system can be further explained when looking at:

  • Tracking your assets
  • Tracking your people 
  • Data entry
  • Hire management  

Tracking Your Assets

With our tracking devices, they are always in use, collecting and sending objective data back to our centralised system. This tracking includes asset utilisation, fuel usage and driver behaviour. This data is invaluable to improving your business operations. 

Tracking Your People 

With our induction program, we are now capturing critical information like VOC’s and other site requirements. When an employee or subcontractor is inducted via our software, we now have this ‘data’ available in our centralised system, and they are compliant and ready to work onsite. This centralised data has great benefits for your business operations in addition to the compliance requirements already met. 

For example, when an unqualified individual on-site attempts to operate a machine and complete a pre-start, you will be notified. Further to this, if an individual operates a machine without doing a pre-start, you can also be notified. 

Monitoring these actions has several benefits for your business, including compliance management and significant cost savings. When machines being operated without correct maintenance is eradicated (including the daily pre-start) or machines being operated by unqualified personnel which can lead to damage and compliance issues. 

Our Inducted program is one of the best induction programs available with a competitive fixed price (not per user). Find out more here

Data Entry 

Our main application is now available for all personnel across iOS and Android devices. Our users can now utilise one app to complete daily pre-starts, log timesheets, asset tracking and much more. 

Hire Management 

Our FleetHire program also integrates with our centralised system. Whether you hire your assets internally or externally, you can utilise FleetHire to control your fleet. 

For example, if you are a civil company who only hires internally, this program allows you to plan ahead with all your assets allocated in the hire calendar. You can be sure all assets are on the right site and at the right time.  

If you are an external hire company, this program goes even further, integrating with Xero, the program will complete your accounting for you, manage contracts, quoting and so much more, learn more here

With The Fleet Office, the complex tasks of managing and tracking assets, people and data are all centralised. You have the power for more automation and use of this data to improve and grow your business.  Want to learn more? Get in touch today.

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