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At The Fleet Office we love to hear the phrase “it would be great if we could just…” This statement is normally the start of a project as it identifies a requirement that currently does not exist. As a team, we are at our best when we find innovative solutions for problems within the industry. The skillset found within our team make us a formidable development company from highly experienced project managers to multi language developers and hardware specialists. We have not been given a challenge that we can’t solve to date.

Some of our projects have included:

  • Mobile and Web Timesheets apps
  • Custom multi engine CANBUS creation with bespoke displays
  • Online Remote control (start/stop increase/decrease revs) of assets
  • Stock management programs (utilising existing telemetry and weighbridge solutions)
  • Advanced award winning safety systems (TBAS/Ultrashield)
  • Custom equipment cost of life programs
  • Paperless daily dockets

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Bespoke Software - Case Studies

At The Fleet Office we are often approached to create out-of-the-box custom software solutions.

Here are a few examples of programs we have developed, often using telemetry.

Boost Pump

Revolutionising safety and efficiency

FleetRC (remote control) assets are often placed in remote semi accessible areas. By having an individual at these locations you are increasing the risk to the individual and obviously the cost to do so. The Fleet Office were approached by a company that specialises in dredging which utilises boost pumps along a dredge pipe which up until now have been manned at all times. The challenge was simple. To remove the manning requirement without the loss of control.


Truck and Bus Avoidance System

The TBAS System was created to overcome the hazards associated with Heavy Equipment and Trucks operating in close proximity of vulnerable assets e.g. school buses using Telemetry. Having an alarm system in place ensures safety for all workers and vehicles on site once equipped with TBAS, an all-in-one telematics device.


Safety initiative technology

The Fleet Office has taken its safety initiative technology to the next level with one of our newest innovations called Ultrashield. This system has been designed in conjunction with See Civil and Quarry Solutions simply put, it is a program that allows different types of machines to “talk” to each other to pre-warn of a person/hazard/asset approaching. The types of machine dictates the exclusion zones and or warning proximities and are individually programmable for any asset. The system live tracks and provides constant communication between all assets and hazards using Telematics. Ultrashield prevents machine to machine collision, machine to person interactions and machine to services or hazard interactions.

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