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TFO - FleetHire - Streamline your Busniess
The Fleet Office has developed a fully integrated ERP for your Hire business that covers all aspects of client, scheduling, financial and asset management using the latest technology. FleetHire not only integrates with all TFO programs, but also with the most widely used Accounting Software platform; Xero. With FleetHire you can control all facets of your hire operation. Using objective data gained from GPS tracking devices FleetHire manages it all from start to finish. Remove the administrative burden and risk whilst increasing your efficiency using this allin-one ERP.

Some of the feature rich benefits include:

  • Track actual usage
  • Seamless Xero integration
  • Notifications on stand downs
  • Full control of hire rates
  • Customise quotes and invoices in seconds
  • Automated invoicing
  • Different/restricted role access
  • Income forecasting
  • Simple asset allocation and management
  • Integrates with The Fleet Office programs

What separates our ERP from our competitors?

Price, usability and experience. We have identified the key barriers to accessing this crucial software for most hire companies. Working closely with our clients to understand your specific needs, we have tailored our software to suit your operations. FleetHire is user friendly, cost-effective, cloud-based and paperless!

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