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The Managing Director of The Fleet Office, Jim Lee, was previously a fleet manager for a leading Civil Construction company where he became underwhelmed at the offerings in the market, in particular, the construction equipment space.

Jim found that these offerings would not actually increase the efficiency of managing construction fleet equipment and so created The Fleet Office, based on fleet management methods and solutions.

At The Fleet Office, one of our priorities is to make sure that our programs work seamlessly with the way our clients operate their day to day business.

We have seen many companies struggle to use generic programs because they don’t simply fit well with their operations and this issue is something that we have taken to heart. That’s the sort of ethos we maintain at The Fleet Office!  

Poor data is worse than no data

We have designed the telemetry or hardware for our programs so that it is as close as possible to what the actual machine is reading. For this reason, The Fleet Office has patented hardware designs that allow us to keep our hardware in line with the hour metres or odometers on the assets that we track.

With other hardware we found that the hour metres would go out over time and you had to constantly reset them, so the data recorded wasn’t necessarily accurate.

To ensure that our programs accurately reflect a true state of conditions, The Fleet Office built special configurations into our hardware that allows us to constantly monitor an engine, ensuring that everything matches exactly.

Integration is key

The Fleet Office ensures that all information fed into our systems can be easily available to external systems, integrating with Viewpoint, Timberline, Jonas Premier, Mex and Jcurve.

Currently, we are integrating with Base Plant to ensure that all the systems our customers use are fully covered by our software.

We don’t want someone to have to manually enter data that is already in digital format; it’s our job to make sure that data entry is a person free task.

We listen to our customers

The alerts and reports that have been set up from day one have been designed entirely by our customers.

At The Fleet Office, we understand that our customer’s feedback is crucial to the success of our programs, so when customers submit a request, we do our best to integrate their feedback into our software updates.

Innovation is our priority

The Fleet Office is constantly adding new alerts and reports, whilst updating others, all because of feedback from our customers who want to see data in a different format or want to understand it better.

Our ultimate aim is to become a one-stop shop for construction and equipment management software within Australasia.

Starting off as a Telemetry offering, we now have a whole array of bespoke programs and continue to develop more, placing us at the top of innovations in this fast-growing market.

We welcome any feedback and are happy to discuss your unique situation to find the best solutions. Get in touch with our team today.

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