View your fleet in Augmented Reality


FleetAR allows users to access data instantly on their tracked assets through Augmented Reality on their mobile device. The app transforms how a fleet manager navigates their jobsite using this exciting new technology as opposed to having to login and refer to google maps.

Using it is as simple as: Open the app, use the built-in camera feature to look around to locate your asset(s) and then filter the information you want to gain an insight into the assets history and its current performance within seconds, in real time and regardless of how far away you are to the jobsite. You see the jobsite as if you are standing right there!

FleetAR has many uses for different roles within the company. The customisable information displayed about an asset but is not limited to:

  • Asset ID
  • SMU Hours
  • Utilisation: Day/Week/Month
  • Current Operator
  • Efficiency
  • Next service date
  • Open work orders
  • Rego due date
  • Pre-starts complete or not

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