Hardware & Software Pricing Guide

Enter in the number of assets or number of users to calculate an approximate price.
Hardware is normally paid upfront however we are able to offer payment plans for the hardware if required.
Prices are based on individual products. If buying more than 1 product, get in touch for a discount

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Larger Quantities attract a discount.

Plant & Equipment Tracker
$399 per tracker

G120 Tracker
$299 per tracker

Canbus Tracker
$549 per tracker

Universal Tracker
$299 per tracker

$479 per tracker

IVMS Duress
$479 per tracker

Light Vehicle Tracker
$299 per tracker

Battery Tracker
(1-2 years)

$120 per tracker

Battery Tracker
(4-5 years)

$199 per tracker

Total # of Trackers


GPS Tracking
Costs are per tracker per month

$0.00 /per month

FleetTrack (Powered)

Enter Number of Assets

FleetTrack (Unpowered)

Enter Number of Assets

Monthly Inclusions:

  • Alerts
  • Reports
  • Utilisation
  • Unlimited history
  • All sim card data costs
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited email notifications
  • Geofence unlimited
  • Asset register

Tiered pricing applies except for TFO Lite. The more users/assets, the greater the discount.
TFO Lite is unlimited users/assets for one price.
TFO Lite is included with any product or standalone for $99.

$0.00 /per month
($0.00 setup)

FleetStart & FleetMaint

Enter total # of Assets
(Tracked & Untracked)


Enter total # of Assets
(Tracked & Untracked)


Enter total # of Users


Enter total # of Users


Enter total # of Users

TFO Lite

Single Price Subscription


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Upfront Cost

(Excluding GST).

Monthly Subscription

= Tracking Fees + Software Subscription
(Excluding GST.)


$0 /per month