Our new software inducts Staff and Subcontractors quickly and efficiently

The Fleet Office is proud to introduce Inducted – our new Induction software!

At The Fleet Office, our research team is always looking for ways to build software programs that enhance our customer’s operations whilst reducing complexity and workload.

Our most recent innovation is our new induction software called Inducted, an induction management software that allows Staff and Subcontractors to become inducted via the internet.

In essence, Staff and Subcontractors can quickly familiarise themselves with a company’s rules, standards and regulations, even undertake basic training online, all of which allows them to be inducted quickly and efficiently onto a company’s construction sites.

Why we created Inducted

This software is the result of feedback we received from our customers asking for assistance streamlining their operations and utilising their employees more efficiently.

Specifically, a few of our customers had mentioned that their site engineers spend a great deal of time ensuring that subcontractors are correctly inducted and have the right tickets and licenses.

Whilst these checks and inductions are essential tasks but are not always seen as the best use of an engineer’s time, as it takes them away from their more specialised engineering duties.

It is this type of feedback that is crucial to our research and is the reason The Fleet Office designed the Inducted software.

Comparing our software with generic offerings

The Fleet Office looked at a couple of software options that were currently on the market and realised that combining and simplifying these programs could potentially lead to a much better product. We soon realised that this was unrealistic, as it would be an uphill battle to convince two competing entities to work together, so we designed our own software.

The benefit in designing our own induction software was that we had a clean slate to do whatever we wanted, allowing us to be innovative, rather than being held back by redundant technologies.

What exactly does our Inducted software do?

Our Inducted software is a program that allows Staff and Subcontractors to access a basic induction package, anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

They can upload their own information, documents, licences, and tickets to this software, watch an instructional video and progress through a short presentation answering a number of questions.

How easy is Inducted to use?

Our software is super easy to use! What makes this software different is that the presentation videos can be created in a common format, so PowerPoint presentations can be dragged and dropped into the program and converted into a motion image that allows the subcontractor to watch it as an animation.

Another great feature of our software is that because it’s currently used by a number of industry leaders, information, such as next of kin, tickets, and licences only need to be uploaded once.

So if a subcontractor moves to another company and they also use our software, all the inductor needs to do is open the program, click on the subcontractors name and all of their information will be displayed on the screen.  

All the inductor needs to do is verify the subcontractor’s identity, confirm that their tickets are current and click ‘verified’ on the screen; a record of who verified the subcontractor will be recorded by the software.

From that point on it’s all automated.

For example, a week before a subcontractor’s driving licence is due to expire the inductor and subcontractor will both receive an email notification of the upcoming renewal.

Inducted really is a simple and easy-to-use platform that makes a time consuming task both fast and efficient. For that reason alone, we can see why so many of our customers are happy to use our software.  

How much does Inducted cost?

We realised that most of the offerings on the market were on a per-user basis, but found this to be a little unfair and also inefficient. If we based our costings on a per-user basis we could predict that our customers would start to delete subcontractors from the program, as soon as their induction was completed or they left their employ, simply to reduce their costs.

This clearly removes one of the benefits from using our software, which is that information only needs to be uploaded once.

We decided to move away from a per user cost basis and instead the cost of our Inducted software is based on the size of a company and the number of other The Fleet Office services used; costs can be as little as $250 a month.

To learn more and download a factsheet visit our programs page. Our team are here to assist, for further information on Inducted or any of our programs, call on 1300 110 248 or send us an email.

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