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How to automate your quoting and compliance processes to win the biggest projects

12th November 2020

Get out of the low rates rathole. Quote less, and win more with the FleetHire platform

iSeekplant’s data has proven using a professional quoting and onboarding tool like FleetHire wins plant hire businesses work on the biggest projects.

Keeping your business ticking over with regular new contract work is more of a competitive challenge than ever.

More businesses are bidding for projects, with the addition of contractors from overseas and more tier two contractors emerging from the lower ranks.

Project managers are now hiring based on the trust and convenience contractors offer them – making the efficiency of contractors’ quoting, onboarding, and compliance the key to winning the best paying jobs on the biggest projects.
– Sally McPherson, iSeekplant CEO

This is because most experienced site managers understand that productivity is the road to job profitability.

The FleetHire platform gives plant hire businesses the competitive edge to win work on big paying projects.

The platform’s creator, The Fleet Office, is offering a no strings attached free trial for Australian plant hire businesses, because they understand no two businesses are the same – but every plant hire business benefits from FleetHire.

Project managers who are, of course, seeking to make their lives as easy and risk free as possible – because site risk is expensive – know they can rely on contractors using quoting, onboarding, and compliance platforms such as FleetHire.

Winning jobs on the higher margin, longer-term projects no longer happens without great compliance and onboarding processes that showcase your business’s professionalism during the tender and project establishment phase – and ensure your service provision hums with reliability when you finally mobilise to site.

The Fleet Hire platform gives plant hire businesses higher conversion from tender to job win – iSeekplant has the data to prove how

iSeekplant witnesses first-hand how appealing project managers find the plant hire businesses already using digitised quoting and compliance platforms. We also notice our customers who are not quoting professionally often have a lower quote-to-job conversion ratio.

In our business, where we predominantly talk to suppliers to the construction industry, we know to the dollar – exactly how many quotes we need to have out to win the customers we want, and hit our sales targets. Let me ask you as a professional plant hire company or supplier to construction – do you know yours?

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a streamlined, professional quoting process. At iSeekplant – we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into a bespoke-built, professional, tracked, real-time quoting process for our sales team that has a predictable 35% conversion rate every month.

A proposal or quote is the first touch point between you and your customer, and it must communicate your professionalism, and seek to build trust.

We’ve put the screws into our quoting processes over the last seven years to improve that conversion ratio, and to enable our teams to sign new proposals online 24-7. Over 40% of all sales at iSeekplant (in construction, mainly to plant hire companies), occur after 5pm.

Building an automated sales process from scratch takes a prohibitive amount of time and money – but for plant hire business owners looking to build their business without a huge outlay, The Fleet Office has a ready made solution on offer complete with a free trial so you can take it for a test run within the parameters of your own business.

FleetHire is an off the shelf product built for plant hire business owners, that streamlines the entire onboarding process as they join new projects, from initial quoting through to managing all compliance paperwork.

Paperwork heavy, clunky quoting systems can feel difficult to retrofit into your business, which is why automating your quoting and invoicing process with FleetHire makes sense.

New quotes and contracts can be created in seconds with customisable templates, and digitally signed by hiring project managers on the spot. All major accounting and invoicing platforms, and fleet management tools, seamlessly integrate with FleetHire to bring all your business systems onto one platform.

Professionalise your business systems for less than $250 per month. Seriously.

Integrating the fleet tracking tools you already use into the FleetHire platform is a simple process, making fast and accurate billing the new normal, saving on time, and reducing calculation errors.

And that is just the beginning. The real gold in this software is its management of all compliance documentation required across every project on your books, while giving you real-time updates on the activity of every machine in your fleet.

Consolidate all your business systems on the FleetHire platform to connect everything from safety systems, to accounting, machine tracking, machine usage reporting, time sheets, machine maintenance, and pre-starts checks.

The FleetHire platform offers a wholistic solution to digitising business-wide processes for greater efficiency

  • Tracking actual machine usage in real-time
  • Seamless Xero integration
  • Immediate notifications on stand downs
  • Full control of hire rates across every machine and operator
  • Customise quotes and invoices in seconds
  • Automated invoicing
  • Different role access giving your operators access to the functionality they need and giving you complete oversight across the whole business
  • Income forecasting
  • Simple asset allocation and management
  • List of assets currently not on hire automatically ordered by hourly income to ensure your team is focused on the highest value sales
  • Allocation calendar which acts as a virtual whiteboard but is more practical from a business sense. Know immediately if you have assets available in any given time and or location and readily pull up information on contracts – wherever you are
  • Integration with all The Fleet Office programs
  • Cost effective
  • Fully integrated with telematics including PHA, dockets, timesheets, prestarts, maintenance, and OEM
  • Newer, faster, dashboard that accurately measures and reports on performance across your entire business – including any external contractors

Adopting this easy to use software across your business is a no-fuss process. Full product training is given in clear instructional videos, and phone support is available so you can start rolling with FleetHire without delay. From $249 per month, the savings in time and efficiencies pay for themselves.

Just to give you an eye-watering comparison, iSeekplant spends roughly $14K per month on its software suite that achieves the same thing.

If you don’t believe us – here is a testimonial from one of our shared customers with the Fleet Office.

Collum Reynolds at Enviro Hire adopted FleetHire for his medium sized wet hire business, Enviro Hire, and saw the value from the get-go.

“As a relatively new hire business, we had the luxury of a clean slate when picking our hire ERP.

The software within the FleetHire ERP is exceptionally simple and allows one person to do what would traditionally be two or three people’s jobs.

When you factor in being able to integrate with all the other TFO products, it was an absolute no brainer to make the decision to go with FleetHire.”
Collum Reynolds, Enviro Hire

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*FleetHire free trial complete with no lock in contract, and zero setup costs for iSeekplant customers.

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