Industry Confidence Rising and The Fleet Office Clients Embrace Technology


Industry and election outcomes

Surrounding the federal election, we have witnessed some uncertainty and downturn for the civil and construction industry. Now that we have an election result, we are confident we will see an upturn once again as we also observe greater takeup of technology amongst our clients.

As a result of the election, we see more confidence and benefits for the building and construction industry alongside the housing market. The day after the election we saw higher closing rates across Sydney and Melbourne than we have seen for a long time (the national average auction clearance rate was 62.6 per cent on the first Saturday after the election, the highest preliminary clearance rate since April 2018)*. It’s a great sign of the times for our industry.

Innovative project

It’s also great to see government investment in projects across Australia. We are particularly interested in a few our technology is involved with, including the Cairns Shipping Development Project. For this project, we are assisting Hall Contracting who are working on a joint venture with Rohde Nielsen, a Danish company, to deliver this project in a technical and innovative way with full consideration for the reef and surrounding habitat in the area.

We are proud to be partnering with Hall Contracting again to provide remote control and telemetry for their dredge operation. This technology offers operational staff on the ground and remotely with the ability to completely shut down the operation if any concerns or environmental considerations arise. We enjoy working with this forward thinking company.

Prestarts and compliance

Across our client base, we see more and more acceptance of technology to improve processes and increase compliance. See Group and Hall Contracting have recently completed a full implementation of electronic prestarts. This removes their reliance on paper, alerts relevant staff to asset issues or maintenance required and ensures directly at the point of prestart that the individual about to operate the vehicle/machine has the correct qualifications and licensing in date, this is completed with a live cross-reference of data captured with our digital induction program.

Fuel data

We are partnering with Australia’s largest bulk and onsite refuelling company to provide exact fuel burn but also isolate and identify fuel loss and theft onsite. We are integrating with their system which will allow data capture at every fueling up transaction/occurrence to be directly correlated with machine telemetry. Rather than current systems that have a calculation for what fuel burn ‘should be’, we now know what goes into each machine and can provide equipment costings and identify any onsite fuel theft/loss.

Software release

It has been exciting times at The Fleet Office, we have two major software releases to share with you within the next financial year. We look forward to sharing more on these in the coming months.

To find out more about our current projects or to discuss your custom software development needs, get in touch with our team today.

*Source: ABC News

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