Case Study – SEE Civil QuarryTrack

Operating the Quarry of the Future

This case study has been authored by Florian Ehrbar, Business Systems Manager at SEE Civil Pty Ltd.

SEE Civil is known as a construction company utilising cutting edge technology. Smart devices, telematics and automated dashboards are standard practice at SEE Civil. Our senior management team heavily rely on modern technology for daily decisions and strategy discussions. One area of our business that hadn’t seen the benefit of the latest and greatest technology systems up until recently was the quarry operated by the SEE Group sub-entity Quarry Solutions. All of this changed with the roll out of QuarryTrack from The Fleet Office. In this case study you can read:

  • What the Quarry Track solution offers
  • Benefits beyond the quarry
  • Even bigger plans for the future

What the QuarryTrack solution offers

With The Fleet Office’s custom software solution QuarryTrack, SEE Group now has a modern and easy to operate system that allows the business to operate their quarry in a much more efficient and effective way.

The core of the system is a dashboard that displays the current stock levels of each lot within the quarry. These metrics are drawn directly from the automated weighbridge system in the centre of the quarry’s operations. Based on the existing technological infrastructure fitted by The Fleet Office to the machinery operating at the quarry, the QuarryTrack system knows exactly how much of which material type is being picked up and dropped off at any point in time.

The system records the truck’s movements and a detailed log is available for management to review the activity. These numbers are added to the appropriate stockpile values and displayed on a dashboard in real time.

Based on the material moved out of the production line, the system records stockpile values which are crucial for the overall management of the quarry.

Having visibility of the exact values at any point in time with live updates to a single dashboard is a game changer.

Benefits beyond the quarry

The new system not only allows on-site staff and management to operate in a more efficient manner, it also adds business value all the way to the SEE Group head office.

The directors can utilise the information gathered from The Fleet Office’s system on their company dashboard which is utilised as a tool to support the decision-making process and overall strategy definition of the construction business.

All in all, the centralised data store has facilitated smoother operations, enabled better decision making and helps visualising information that previously was buried in legacy systems and spreadsheets.

Even bigger plans for the future

The management team at the SEE Civil quarry is very motivated to continue their work with The Fleet Office and take this system to the next level.  

This system has already identified benefits in areas such as traffic management within the quarry or vendor management when it comes to managing stockpile allocations and reservations.

With these additional future improvement initiatives together we will grow version two of the QuarryTrack system, this will further utilise cutting edge technology to truly build the quarry of the future.

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