Introducing FleetHire – Streamline Your Hire Business

Streamline Your Hire Business

We are proud to share our latest program ready for release.  

Can you relate to these common issues for civil construction hire companies: 

  • Are you juggling the task of hiring assets to external clients or internally within your organisation?
  • Are you wasting time jumping between multiple programs to manage assets, clients, quotes, contracts and invoices?
  • Are you losing track of where your assets are?

Our solution to these challenges is FleetHire


Our existing customers asked for something simple to use and affordable and that’s what we’ve built.

 For over a year, our Development Team has built and refined what we believe will become the default software solution for small to medium business who hire assets.

FleetHire is a fully integrated ERP for your Hire business that covers all aspects of client, scheduling, financial and asset management using the latest technology.  FleetHire not only integrates with all our existing programs but also with the most widely used Accounting Software platform; Xero. 

With FleetHire you can control all facets of your hire operation. Using objective data gained from GPS tracking devices FleetHire manages it all from start to finish. Remove the administrative burden and risk whilst increasing your efficiency using this all-in-one ERP.

Some of the feature-rich benefits include:

  1. Track actual usage
  2. Seamless Xero integration
  3. Notifications on stand-downs
  4. Full control of hire rates
  5. Customise quotes and invoices in seconds
  6. Automated invoicing
  7. Different/restricted role access
  8. Income forecasting
  9. Simple asset allocation and management
  10. Integrates with The Fleet Office programs

What separates our ERP from our competitors?

Price, usability and experience. We have identified the key barriers to accessing this crucial software for most hire companies. 

Working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, we have tailored our software to suit your operations. 

FleetHire is user-friendly, cost-effective, cloud-based and paperless!

“Bringing our Asset Register and Customer Database into one location has been a game changer for Shamrock Equipment. The seamless process of converting; Quotes to Contracts to Invoices is a great time saver.”

John Delaney, Plant Manager, Shamrock Equipment

If you want to supercharge your business processes whilst minimising administration hours, click here to download our FleetHire Fact Sheet or contact our team today. 

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