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Add Report

You will have a number of report options to choose from.  If you have a report request, you will need to contact us either by email or phone and we will endeavour to create one that meets your businesses needs.  Ensure that all the fields are entered correctly and saved.  

  1. Click on the reports icon at the top of the interface.
  2. You are able to edit and view existing reports here as well as delete unwanted reports.  
  3. To create a new report click on Add New Report
  4. The following information is required including:

Report Heading –  Personalise the heading that reflects the type of report it is

Report Type – You will be required to select from the drop down list which report you would like.  If you would like to create an alert not listed, please contact The Fleet Office either by phone or email and we will endeavour to meet your businesses needs.

Frequency – Select how regularly you would the report to be sent

Period – Select the amount of time you would like to have the report to include eg previous week, previous month etc.

Division –  The division will need to have been set up prior to creating the report.  This is so that the asset information is being sent to the staff member in charge of that job site/location and who will also receive the reports via email.

Output File Type – You decide whether you want the file to come in PDF or CSV.

Reporting Time – Select in 24hour time when you would like to receive the report.

Fleet – You are able to filter the report you receive according to the type of fleet category eg trucks or plant or light vehicles.

Work Site as at end of selected Period – Select a site the assets must be located at the end of the selected period to appear on the report.

Available, Selected Assets and Select Asset Types – The report will default to ALL available assets UNLESS there are assets in the Selected Assets box, in which case only the Selected Assets will be used in the report.To select only particular assets, click on them in the Available Assets box.To deselect an asset, click on it in the Selected Assets box. Asset types will be the list of all asset types in your fleet eg ute, roller single drum. Use this selection to limit the list of assets in the Available Assets column.