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Add Alert

  1. There are a wide range of alert options to choose from and you are also able to create your own alert.  Alerts are sent to the designated contacts via email when pre-set conditions occur.  Some examples of alerts include when a driver is speeding, when a vehicle fitted with Telematics enters or exits a Geofence, if a vehicle is excessively speeding over a preset period of time or if the vehicle is being used outside of work hours.
  2. To view or edit existing alerts, click on the Alerts button located on the top of the interface.  You are able to click on the Alert Title to view each existing alert.    
  3. Above the existing alerts, you can create a new alert by clicking on the Add New Alert button.
  4. You will be taken to a page that will require you to complete in full including the following information:

Alert Title – Personalise the heading that reflects the type of alert it is

Alert Type – You will be required to select from the drop down list which alert you would like.  If you would like to create an alert not listed, please contact The Fleet Office either by phone or email.

Notify Designated Driver – The driver who has been assigned to the vehicle will also receive the alert if this box is ticked.  This is especially useful for speeding.  To assign a designated driver to a vehicle you will need to do this in the Settings section under the Assets page by selecting  the Asset/Fleet ID.

Division – The division will need to have been set up prior to creating the alert.  This is so that the asset information is being sent to the staff member in charge of that job site/location and who will also receive the alerts via email.

Division Staff – Fleet Track will provide an option of having the alerts sent to other staff members within the company.  If the name does not appear, the staff member will need to be added on the Staff page.

Geofence – Once you have added a new Geofence you will need to set up a new alert afterwards.  You will have the option of selecting Geofence entry (alert is sent if a vehicle fitted with the device enters a boundary) or Geofence exit (alert is sent if a vehicle fitted with the device exits a boundary).  The Geofence is fully completed once it has been created in Settings and in Alerts.

Fleet – You are able to filter which alerts you receive according to the type of fleet category eg trucks or plant or light vehicles.

Asset Type If you prefer a narrower search, select from the drop down list of different types of assets.  Allows you to search for a specific type of machinery eg utes.

Sub Type –  Filters the category down further eg single cab or dual cab ute.

Available, Selected Assets and Asset Types –  The alert will default to ALL available assets UNLESS there are assets in the Selected Assets box, in which case only the Selected Assets will be checked for the alert.To select only particular assets, click on them in the Available Assets box.To deselect an asset, click on it in the Selected Assets box. To limit the list of Available Assets to certain types only e.g. Utes, Roller single drum etc, use the Select Asset Type column which allows you to select from the asset types in your fleet.

Excessive Idling – Enter the maximum number of minutes the selected assets are allowed to idle before which an alert will be sent to the staff selected

Speeding – Enter a speed limit for selected vehicles above which an alert will be sent. This is in addirion to the official speed limits which will also be checked. 

Driver Behaviour – For capable trackers harsh driving behaviour can be monitored.

Entering/Exiting a Geofence – Select the geofence to be checked and staff to whom the alert is to be sent. There are 2 Alert types, one on entry, one on exit.

Distance from Ignition Off – Enter the maximum number of metres a vehicle can be moved after the ignition is switched off before ignition is switched on again.

Not reported in last 48 hours

Out of Hours Operation – Enter start and end times for each working day for the selected assets. An alert will be sent if the asset is used outside these hours.

Low Usage in last 3 Complete Workdays