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Utilisation Overview

  1. In order to find out how your well your fleet has been performing you will need to click on the Utilisation icon located at the top of the interface.  
  2. A table including all of your assets will appear unless you specify in the filtering table which type, subtype, division or site you wish to search.
  3. You will need to include the period of time you would like in order to advance your search even further.  
  4. Ensure that you click refresh anytime you change the filtering information.
  5. This page reveals statistics and a bar graph highlighting valuable utilisation data captured from the in-vehicle device.  It creates a visual so that you can see quickly vehicles in the fleet which have been excessively idling represented in orange compared with working time represented in green.
  6. In order to view an asset’s utilisation in greater detail, click on the Asset/Fleet ID to see a day-by-day breakdown of how the asset was used over a period of time.


  1. Click on the Utilisation icon located at the top of the screen
  2. All of your assets Utilisation (work time/idle time) will be shown here in order of highest run time
  3. You are able to order the results by clicking on the title of that particular heading so the column is listed from highest to lowest.

Utilisation terminology

  • Last position in period – The job site/location where it finished work
  • Idle hours – When the machine is left without the engine running but not working
  • Work hours – Time when the machine is working
  • Run time –  Complete time the engine is on
  • Expected run time –  Industry standard for equipment type
  • Working utilisation – How well the machine is being utilised against industry standard as a percentage
  • Running utilisation –  How well the machine is being utilised.  
  • Efficiency –  Is a percentage of hours worked against idle hours 

Asset Utilisation in Detail

If you would like to view a breakdown of the utilisation from only one asset, from the Utilisation page use the filtering table to advance your search and press Refresh.  Then click on the Asset/Fleet ID to view driver details and a history of the vehicles utilisation will appear over the Period selected.  The utilisation data will provide a daily breakdown showing when the vehicle was used, working time represented in green and the time the vehicle was idling (orange).