Customer feedback helps to fine tune our FleetAR app and FleetStart


Halfway through 2018 we introduced the world’s first augmented Reality Construction Equipment app called FleetAR.

This innovative app allows fleet managers to instantly navigate their jobsite without using Google maps, saving them a significant amount of time and increasing efficiency.

As with any technology-based program, we knew that the FleetAR app could be further fine tuned. At the HRIA expo in Brisbane, we asked for feedback from our initial launch clients. This we received promptly and we are now excited to release the latest version of the app, based on customer feedback.

So, what’s new in the latest version of out FleetAR app?

  • Icon orientation: Icons will now orientate in the direction they were last travelling.
  • Reduced refresh rate: The refresh rate has been reduced down to 3 seconds.
  • Maps: The addition of different map views enables fleet managers to pick the most comfortable display (satellite, map or a hybrid of the two).
  • Increased utilisation: Utilisation has been increased to show the past 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. At a quick glance, fleet managers can view the efficiency of assets and current workloads.

Alerts: Alert notifications for each asset have been added to the app. For example, if a fleet manager is speaking to an operator about the use or efficiency of a particular asset, the fleet manager can view a history of alert notifications for that asset.


Additional changes to the FleetStart app

At the same time as upgrading the FleetAR app, we have converted the web-based FleetStart program into a mobile-based app, which is now available in both IOS and Android.

The FleetStart app allows clients working outside telephone coverage areas to complete a PreStart on the assets they are working on regardless of connectivity to their network.

As soon as the device is connected to a network the information from that PreStart is automatically updated.

We are in the early stages of releasing the FleetStart mobile-based app and are looking for feedback from our clients, in particular those already utilising the web-based PreStart app within their fleets.

Please send through your feedback by calling us on 1300 110 248 or sending us an email.

To learn more about FleetAR or FleetStart get in touch with our team today.

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