Taking Advantage of New Technology in the Construction Industry

Did you know our technology helps you increase fuel burn savings, reduce machine costs and leverage mobile trends?

With many baby boomers handing over the reins to the next generation, the adoption of new technological advances within the construction industry is trending upwards. The Fleet Office fits into this new world order particularly well, because our technology helps companies to streamline their operations, reduce their running costs and increase profits.

Whilst our software systems achieve these outcomes in a variety of ways, one of the main drivers for business owners and managers is a reduction in fuel burn. Our software can easily save companies a significant amount of money on fuel burn by reducing the idle times, however the savings extend much further than just the fuel burn costs.

Fleet Office technology increases fuel burn savings

As an example, you might expect a digger to have a life of 10,000 operating hours, however due to the efficiencies built into our software systems, we can extend this life for another 2500 hours or 25%! Essentially, we remove 25% of the hours that would have been wasted if the machinery was left idling.

Typically, this digger will be financed over 4 years, so with our software, your company will benefit from a whole year’s worth of additional profits, accrued after the end of the loan period. Not only this, but with less wasted hours per asset, the service intervals are pushed out, resulting in less downtime and increased efficiencies.

So the end result is not simply a reduction in fuel burn with its associated savings, but the increased profits that accrue when you no longer have a debt to pay on the equipment, due to the asset’s increased operating life. This is where your company can really see the biggest changes to your processes, because as your operations become more streamlined, costs go down and profits go up.

Fleet Office technology reduces your machine costs

An essential component of project management is accurately costing the machine hours. Since our software seamlessly integrates with third party systems, such as Viewpoint and Timberline, the operating hours for each machine can be costed against the appropriate phase or cost codes for each job without human intervention.

Just this one example massively increases the efficiency of your operations, making a tangible difference to your whole business. Another example might be that the original job called for 7,000 hours of dump truck time, however at the end of the project the actual number of hours was 14,000. With our software in place, management can look at the historical data for the entire project to identify the point at which things started to go wrong and determine why the costs overshot the initial estimates to such a degree.

Asset Utilisation Graph

Existing client data showcasing increase in asset utilisation.

Fleet Office technology leverages mobile trends

As we rapidly progress towards a paperless society, the power of using mobile technology for remote workers and field operators cannot be underestimated. Our software systems allow your business to fully embrace this trend, using mobile technology to remove the inefficiencies inherent in using a paper based system to record data.

Not only can paper be lost or damaged in the field, but the time it takes to transport this data to the main office and enter it into the system can negatively impact the efficient running of your operations. For example, if something has overrun its operating costs, you need to know in real time what has happened so that you can rectify the situation today, not at the end of the month.
With our cutting edge technology, your field operators can scan the equipment or machinery with their smart phone and have real time data on the situation, making decisions on the fly and rectifying the situation immediately.

This is a very exciting time in the construction industry and at The Fleet Office, we are constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiencies in the construction industry using the very latest technology.

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