Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency with the FleetAR Program

Our new program, FleetAR has been described as the most advanced and user-friendly fleet management tool on the market.

If you operate a construction or transport business, you will understand the concept of working smarter, not harder. One of the on-going problems however, faced by everyone within your industry, is keeping track of every piece of data about every one of your assets.

Without some sort of specialised tracking system, identifying and collating all of this data can be extremely inefficient with employees spending an inordinate amount of time on ‘admin’ duties. For example, information on the current location of each asset, open and closed work orders, costs, revenues and the dates of programmed maintenance, inspections, registrations and services all needs to be at your fingertips. In the real world however, all this information exists somewhere, but it’s not always easy to access it quickly and efficiently.

This is where our FleetAR program fills the gap, because it gives you the power to access all this information in real time on your smartphone. The first of its kind, this technologically advanced fleet management software program helps you to reduce your operating costs and rapidly improve the inefficiencies within your company.

How can the FleetAR program help your business?

Essentially, the FleetAR program uses augmented reality to provide you with an up to the minute, real time view of the performance and scheduling of all your assets in the field. It’s as simple as pointing your smartphone at a truck, an item of machinery or a piece of equipment and you can instantly view all the data relating to that asset.

You can even detect assets up to 100km away and retrieve data on the its utilisation for the day with its associated costs, as well as who signed off on the inspection at the beginning of the shift. You don’t even have to take equipment off-line or stop machinery and wait for reports to be generated, as all the data is available in real time in the field.

The FleetAR program not only displays all the data collected by our Fleet Office tracking software, but it also flawlessly integrates with a wide range of third party software programs. This means that you don’t have to overhaul your entire system, you simply upload the FleetAR program into your existing system and you are good to go!

Who uses our FleetAR program?

One of the first companies to benefit from using the FleetAR program was SEE Civil, an award-winning civil construction firm in NSW. They adopted our management software to track more than 200 assets, ranging from trucks and mobile plants to stationary pumps, generators and a mineral processing plant.

Since utilising the FleetAR program within their company, Mark Turner, the SEE Civil’s Executive Director of Operations, recently described our software management tool as “the most advanced and user-friendly fleet management tool” he had seen, and “it quite literally puts the power to view data and make decisions on the fly firmly in the palm of your hand.

“This technology is driving improved reliability and machine availability from the get go. It will also definitely lower our operating costs, because it minimises the time-consuming processes of running reports and interpreting the data”.

Another early adopter of the FleetAR program was Hall Contracting in QLD, Australia’s largest privately owned dredging, civil and marine construction company. Cameron Hall, their Managing Director, recently remarked that with a simple sweep of their smartphones on the jobsite, his project managers and maintenance teams can instantly discover the location of each piece of equipment.

“We can quickly identify where plant is on the site, with no downtime required. The ability to filter which data we want displayed makes FleetAR an incredibly useful and usable tool for our senior and project managers, as well as our maintenance people.”

If you would like to explore how the FleetAR program can offer a tailor made asset management solution for your organisation, please call us on 1300 110 248 or send us an email.

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